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Three Interviews Essay - 698 Words

Family values â€Å"can be described as a set of beliefs or morals that help provide for family unity and social interaction as well as providing for a societal view for childhood development† ( Over the weekend, I interviewed a gang of three great generations while discovering what family values mean to each of them. From these interviews, I was able to distinguish each of their own perspectives. Each interview was like a puzzle. I put each of their answers to together and found what makes family values so important. The main argument of my interviews is that family values are crucial. They help shape and build our character. As stated by my mother, Debra Franckowiak, â€Å"Family values are like building blocks of a young†¦show more content†¦A family that supports each other and nourishes one another is going to survive because of the healthy environment they have created† (Heather Forrester). As my next question, I asked my interviewees if they considered divorces or families living with a homosexual ruined a family’s values. It was conclusive that all three of them thought that broken families or homosexuals did not damage their family values. â€Å"I think a family with high morals, honesty, and togetherness always stay together, regardless if they all have different personalities† (Ruth Franckowiak). She explained to me that as a community, we should be blamed for our inability to accept others. â€Å"Our negative attitudes and criticism stereotype these groups as necessarily being wrong, but you can’t help yourself by hurting other people† (Debra Franck owiak). Heather added to the argument, by stating that â€Å"The nation has been built on the acceptance of everyone in our society. How are we acting like a nation, if we cannot act civilized and unified toward each other?† (Heather Forrester). As my last question, I left my interviewees with a final thought by asking them what family values they live by. This helped me understand what family values they found to be most important. What I noticed was that their answers varied. Debra said that she lives by the Ten Commandments. â€Å"The Ten Commandments provide a moral code forShow MoreRelatedEssay On Interview With Three People833 Words   |  4 PagesI interviewed three people, my mother, my father, and my friend, Makaila. My mother is an avid church goer that finds comfort in God and often spreads her joy and love to all that she encounters. My father is a disabled 60 year old that endures diabetes and it often affects his life. Makaila is wild and free spirit that beli eves in people not being complete idiots by discriminating people. My mother, Joyce, is a Conservative Republican that belongs to a small Lutheran Christian church in StreetsboroRead MoreInterviews on Human Development Through Three Generations1532 Words   |  6 PagesThe research project given in psychology class was to pick a topic and interview three generations on the subject of my choice. In this paper I will talk about the following; each person I interviewed, their responses to the questions, the difficulties I faced, the stages of development each generation is experiencing, relating each generation to a theory, compare the similarities and differences each generation is experiencing in their stage of development, and what I learned from this experienceRead MoreAn Interview With Anita Failor, Wife And Mother Of Three980 Words   |  4 Pagesbad situations build us as a family. As a family, we get through the bad together and cheer each other on through the good times. I was able to interview my mother, Becky Davis, and she said, â€Å"everybody in the family knows about them [about good and bad situations] so we are able to talk about them†. In an interview with Anita Failor, wife and mother of three, she says, â€Å"Good times make great memories we can enjoy later and we often reminisce and laugh together. Bad situations are treated as learningRead MoreThere Were Three Interviews That Took Place. One Of Them1301 Words   |  6 Pages There were three interviews that took place. One of them came from a director Jenny St. Jean of Peace Methodist Preschool she has been a director for the last six years and prior to that, she taught preschool for three years. Another person that was interviewed is Jennifer Thompson a CRT from Renaissance Charter School. She had been a CRT for the last three years; prior to that, she was a preschool and elementary school teacher. The last interview came from a preschool teacher Jamie from the PeaceRead MoreDesign Of The Study On Art Education Curriculum And Practices1425 Words   |  6 PagesChapter Three: Methodology Design of the Study This qualitative research study examines ideas concerning how art education curriculum and practices might best engage students living in poverty. The main research question asks: How might art education curriculum and practices best engage students living in poverty? Sub questions that developed from the initial research question are: What art curriculum can be implemented to best engage students living in low SES situations? What teaching practicesRead MoreMotherhood: Addicted Mothers965 Words   |  4 Pageslife-world, a qualitative methodology is the best approach (Kvale, 2002). Data were collected using individual semi-structured in-depth interviews, in order to produce thick descriptions. A thick description is one that explains a human behavior in its context, so that the behavior becomes meaningful, also from an outsiders’ point of view. The interviews were divided into three main sections, consisting of descriptions of everyday life here and now with small children, growing up in a family with substanceRead MoreHRIS Essay1506 Words   |  7 Pagesimportant tools for many businesses. The purposes of HR planning are to enable organizations to anticipate their future HRM needs and to identify practices that will help them to meet those needs. HR planning may be done on a short- or long-term (three or more years) basis. Its aim is to ensure that people will be available with the appropriate characteristics and skills when and where the organization needs them. The types of changes and new developmentsRead MoreEssay about Deception1601 Words   |  7 Pagesdivision, the interview of a victim, witness, suspect or informant is a critical element of any investigation. Precious resources in the form of man power, money, time and equipment can be wasted because of the failure of the interviewer to conduct a complete interview and accurately evaluate the credibility of the information gained from the subject interviewed. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;As a part of the three pillars of the criminal investigative process, a thorough and complete interview providesRead MorePsy 305 Week 7 Individual Assignment Essay617 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Individual Assignment: Interview Report Cross-Cultural Realities at Work (individual interview report) In this individual assignment, you are required to interview someone who is different from you (see criteria below) so that you may learn from the interviewee and be able to adequately reflect on the questions for analysis as given below. Please make yourself aware of questions for interview and for analysis before conducting the interview. This interview is designed for students who are learningRead Moreâ€Å"Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System† Discussion Questions1204 Words   |  5 PagesThe newly developed multinational personnel selection system seems to be okay at first glance. It is great that the system is two-tiered, with the first tier consisting of three modules: viewing the applicants’ resume, an unstructured phone interview with the applicants, and three references from former employees. These three modules from the first tier are mostly related to background research of the applicant. Through the application documentations of the candidates, it is possible to screen out

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