Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Canadain provinces Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Canadain provinces - Dissertation Example Population growth demonstrated a variation between the two provinces. Alberta registered the highest population in the entire country by a massive 10.3% while the province of Manitoba registered a 0.5 % growth. These statistics demonstrates a population density of 2.0 for Manitoba while that of Alberta is 4.6 people per square kilometer. Population age characteristics were found to be consistent in both provinces. In terms of gender, the females are dominant across both provinces though by slight margins. The majority of the population lies at the age group of 25-44 years among all genders while the second placed age group is between 5-14 years in both provinces. This indicates a trend of population that can be extrapolated to the entire country. In addition, the older population comprising of ages 85 and over seems to be the lowest followed by age group 75-84 years. These figures converge at a median age of 36.8 in Manitoba and 35.0 in Alberta, this indicates that the future populat ion trend in Alberta is expected to show more growth despite the exponential trend experienced in the past. Majority of the people in both provinces are above 15 years with figures indicating 79.1% and 79.2% in Manitoba and Alberta respectively. Education is a key pillar of socio-economic development in Canada. A great portion of people aged 15-24 years in Manitoba attends school on full time basis while a substantial 30.9% of population in this age group attending school on part time basis. Alberta is not any different, majority of the population around the same age group undertake education on full time basis with only 30% on part time engagement. Across all the age groups the percentage number of individuals with a University certificate, diploma or degree is higher in Alberta as compared to Manitoba. This is an indicator of the weight given to education in Alberta. Apart from the 20-34 age groups, all other age groups in Manitoba depict higher percentages of individuals with les s than a high school graduation certificate (Maclean 2).. There exist over ten religions in these regions of Canada. Protestants dominate in both provinces having almost half of the population subscribing to this religion. In second place come Catholicism, having a substantial following in both provinces but Manitoba has a higher general percentage of people who subscribe to this religion. Similar trends are evident across most of the other religions with the percentage of people who subscribe to no religion appearing third in the order of dominance. 23.6% of the entire population is atheists in Alberta while in Manitoba the percentage is slightly lower at 18.7%. Christian, n.i.e. is the fourth most dominant religion in both provinces contributing 4.03% and 4.2% in Manitoba and Alberta respectively. An aberration is evident in the fifth most dominant religion. In Alberta Muslim takes the position with a 1.7%, contrary to Manitoba where it appears ninth in the order of dominance. In Manitoba at fifth position is Christian Orthodox that has 1.4% following of the entire population. The people in these provinces use various languages with English dominating. The census indicates the majority of people use English

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